What is your exam fee?


Why should my pet have regular physicals?

Because pet’s age faster than humans do, it is important for a veterinarian to examine them regularly. Annual exams in younger pets and bi-annual exams in pets over 7 years of age help detect early warning signs of disease. Many diseases can be cured or prevented with proper maintenance.

When should I begin my pet’s vaccinations?

Puppies and kittens should begin their vaccinations at 8 weeks of age. For recommendations for healthy puppies and kittens please see our forms section.

How often should my pet’s teeth be cleaned?

Because every pet builds up tartar at a different rate, this answer varies. The veterinarian can notify you when you pet is due for a dental cleaning after examining you pets mouth. Most patients receive their first dental cleaning around 4-6 years of age then yearly thereafter.

What is the proper procedure for a dental cleaning?

For your pet to receive the proper care they must be put under twilight anesthesia. According to California law it is illegal to use metal instruments in an animals mouth with them fully awake. After the are “sleeping” the teeth are probed for pockets and fully examined for abnormalities. The teeth are then cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner and polished. As a final step a dental sealant is applied to the teeth to prevent tartar buildup.

Why are fecal checks important and how often should they be done?
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