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At Saddleback Animal Hospital, we strive to give you the best quality service possible. Check out our highly-trained team of professionals below. From regular checkups to surgical procedures, we will provide your pet with the best care possible! 


We deliver the highest standard quality and compassion of veterinary medicine to your furry friends along with friendly and professional care. Our #1 priority is to keep your pets healthy and happy throughout all stages of their lives.

Our Reviews

Michele Mallonee
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They were so great in helping us get this stray cat examined. I just called and they opened up their schedule for me to bring in this cat that has adopted me right then and there.
Jeremy Allen
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Thank you Dr. Clark, always refreshing to have Dr. who treats the clients (human & pet) with the respect they deserve, and for taking care of Moose on his journey across the rainbow Bridge.
Toni Balderrama
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Linda the cat expert trimmed Boo's nails with no problem. She also gave me excellent advice to trim my cats nails every 2.mos. ty Linda
Jane Webster
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Dr. Kavanagh fit our dog in without an appointment and tended to her with knowledge and sweetness. He even called back to see if the meds were working. We love Saddleback!!
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